“Father’s Day” by Simeon

Dads are posing naked to raise awareness of fathers’ mental health

This is a sequel to the previous post.

Dear Father

Did the apple fall far from the tree?  Am I depressed because you were too?  Is this thing genetic?  So many questions…

Why is it that fathers are bearing their naked flesh to raise awareness of their plight?  That mental illness is the “cancer” that’s killing men like you?  Where are the healing hands, the angels, the saviours?

When I found you hanging, why was my first question “Where did you get the rope?” and not “Could I have prevented you going to the hardware store?”  Or “Could I have noticed your pain and done something to heal it?”

It is because depression is invisible.

So hats off to those who’re bearing their flesh to let the world see their pain.  For fathers like you, the best Father’s Day present of all is a future.

Happy Father’s Day

Simeon x



2 thoughts on ““Father’s Day” by Simeon

  1. Lovely piece of writing


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