I Guess You Had to Be There #3

After his father had gone, nine-year-old Will and his mother became closer and closer.  On a Friday night she’d take him to the dancehall where the fellas were sweet on her.  But one of her suitors got it all wrong, as this extract from Will’s notebook testifies… 

“Friday we went to The Junction where mum had to fight them off as usual.  A man called Derek approached and, knowing she liked documentaries, asked if she’d seen the one on TV earlier that night with Jacques Cousteau.  “I did,” she said, and he said “So did I it was marvellous.  How he swam up close to that Giant Octopus and its four-and-a-half metre testicles.”

Mum didn’t ask if he meant tentacles but when he’d finally gone we laughed like mad.”



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