“My Dog and Me”

IMG_2245When my friend walks the dog he sees the world is colour. He is happy about everything and so is the dog. He sees him bound across the field, ears inside-out. He smiles to himself as he sniffs another dog and wags his tail. The dogs are saying “hello” and the owners do the same.

When I walk the dog I see the world is black. I am sad about Brexit and Trump and the dog gets me down. I wish I could see him run across a field and keep on running into the next and the next and never come back. Smiling to myself is not so easy. I don’t want to say “hello” I want to bid “goodbye”.

The dog my friend walks is called Hope.
Know what?  I think I will call mine Hope too.

Inspired by the story “Someday Soon” published yesterday on Simian Tales.



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