“Southern Fried Chicken”

Walker the rambler sees many things on his travels in the South of England, and many things that make him laugh. One particular thing that amuses him is how the English heatwave can take its toll – as he wrote in “Some Like it Hot but Not the English”. This phenomenon manifests itself nowhere more so than on supermarket carparks, where the heat certainly does strange things to shoppers; it makes them suspicious, tired, tetchy, irritable, impatient, angry or downright forgetful. As was the case yesterday outside Tesco, where Walker saw a car with a chicken on top.
As the gentleman driver pulled up to let him cross, Walker waved his thanks and said, “You’re very kind – why, you’ll even give a chicken a ride.”
“What?” said the gentleman, suspciously.
“The chicken,” Walker said.
“What chicken?” he said, becoming impatient.
“The chicken that’s frying on your roof,” said Walker.
“Shit!” said the gentleman, before jumping out and retrieving said chicken, much to the irritation or impatience or tetchiness or anger of the queue of traffic behind. “Thanks mate,” he said (the gentleman not the chicken).
“You’re welcome,” Walker said, “I think it’s just about done.”



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