Positive Thinking


A famous writer once said two things to me a) You should write something every day, and b) You should smoke dope while writing it. Well you’re not one for smoking but you do have a drink occasionally. Occasionally you have two. Occasionally on a special occasion you have three, occasionally you have blah blah blah…. You’re a happy drunk. When you’re drunk you’re happy, you know the kind of drunk when you begin talking to yourself and agreeing with yourself and laughing to yourself? The good thing is that some of what you say is brilliant – an idea for a novel, a sparkling piece of dialogue, a fabulously-witty epigram – and you think “I must write that down!” But the bad thing is you don’t, because you’re drunk. Then in the morning you ask “What was that brilliant idea?” But it’s gone. Or maybe you did write it down on a scrap of paper but somebody thought it was garbage and binned it. Or maybe you did write it down and you can’t read your writing because you were drunk when you wrote it. So what are you gonna do?  To stop drinking is an option, to stop writing isn’t. So you write “I’ll drink to that.”


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