“The End of a Journey”


Yesterday I was on a bus from somewhere to somewhere else and a lady on the seat in front of me began to text.  Over her shoulder I could see the words so I averted my eye… until curiosity won the battle with me.

I love you Zack, she said.

Then after a few seconds there came an alert

I love you too

So I want to be with you, she said.

There was a longer interval.

You know that’s not possible my darling, he said, Not till I’ve told Amy about us

The woman’s thumbs began to knit with more intensity

Will you EVER tell her?





Promise, you can trust me can’t you?

I can’t trust you you’ve said it before

I need more time

I’m not sure I can give that

Darling it’s not easy for me the children will be upset

I’m upset

Don’t be

Then tell her

That sounds like an ultimatum

I guess it is

That’s not fair

It’s not fair that I’m the other woman

There was a long pause.  The bus stopped many times before he said

You’re scaring me

Tell her by the end of today.  If you don’t I will.  I’m sorry x

The bus arrived at the somewhere else the woman wanted to be, two stops before my own.  As she got off, I pondered what I’d seen.  I did not know if the man would tell his wife and children, or if the woman would break the news herself.  I did not know if this was to be the end of a journey for people I’d never know.




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