New York New York


When I am lonely with only the dog for company I think of all the wondrous places I’ve been to, and how each place had its own peculiar reason for making me happy. Though there are many many more, here is a list of cities of the world that made this lonely traveller smile:

NEW YORK. I busked in Central Park and made a hundred bucks. Pausing for a cigarette on Broadway, I was approached by a beautiful girl asking if I wanted company. Though tempted I declined, then later realised she might’ve been a hooker. It made me smile. Then gazing down from the Empire State Building at the Big Apple I felt on top of the world. New York is so good they named it twice so I went there twice.
SYDNEY. In the Summer of 2006 I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the driving rain. It was scary but exhilarating. The bridge can be seen from almost anywhere in this fantastic city. What is there not to be happy about when you’re in Sydney Harbour on New Years Eve and the firework display is so spectacular?  New Years Eve will never be the same again.


TOKYO. The Roppongi nightlife is inspiringly vibrant.
KOWLOON. The view across Victoria Harbour at Hong Kong’s night-time panorama is simply amazing.
MOSCOW. I was rich then, and though my credit card got cloned and some thieving bastard stole hundreds of pounds to fund his online gambling habit, I had a wonderful, historically-enriched time.
LAS VEGAS. Talking of gambling, I played the tables here and won. Everybody needs an oasis when their life becomes a desert.
AUCKLAND. I went on a whale-hunting boat ride and never saw a whale but had a whale of a time swimming with dolphins.
NAIROBI. I was living and working here and fell in love with Africa.
VIENNA. It means everything to me.
MANCHESTER. A great city and here is where my beautiful daughter whom I hadn’t seen in ten years contacted me to say she wanted to meet up. My heart was flooded with happiness.

Though I am poor I am rich with these memories.


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