“Letter from the Sleeper on the Train”

Part three of the Sleeper Trilogy or who knows it may be more?


The moment this plopped into the letterbox Michelle regretted what she’d done.  She almost wanted to reach in and claw the thing back out again.  Or would she wait for someone to come and empty the box and plead with them to let her take it back?  Of course they wouldn’t be allowed to do that but she could plead that it was fanmail and she feels rather foolish, like she did when she wrote to Donny Osmond in the Seventies?  Or she could lie that she’d sent it to the wrong person and it’d create all sorts of horrid problems that didn’t bear thinking about?  Or, she could tell the truth and say one of two things.  Namely, she was embarrassed to have opened her heart to a writer who can describe emotions far more profoundly than her so she hopes he never receives it, like Donny Osmond clearly didn’t.  Or that she was thinking of her husband Stephen whom she loves but hopes the other man does receive it… and he does call the mobile number she’d written on the back?


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