A Challenge to Writers

A number of bloggers set challenges for us and I for one enjoy accepting. So in the spirit of sharing, I’d like to challenge my readers, all three of you, to create an alphabetic acrostic that makes some kind of sense, however surrealistic, and going from A to Z. I’d be delighted if you’d share your efforts on my site, or link to it or whatever. Below I provide an example which I concocted this morning, but those of you who’re minded could search for and check out two other examples in older posts, one called A to Z of Blogging Politics, the other called A Writer’s Exercise. Anyway, I look forward to reading your work and hope you enjoy this…

“A Boy Cried”

A boy cried, “Deeply excited!” Finding God, he’d intended joyous kindly love, morphing nervously onto partaking quite rapturous sex, tremblingly undressing virgins with x-rated yanking zips. Amen.

Have fun,
Will x


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