Writers Wanted…

… for my next alphabet acrostic challenge. Only one writer, Paultales, had a go at my last challenge, which probably goes to show how few people read this damned thing. But hey, with the thick-skinned determination that only a writer can possess, I hereby challenge all or both of my readers again. This time, and it’s extremely difficult, the acrostic has to go A to Z whereby those letters are at the end of each word, and the story should make some sort of sense however surreal. Here’s what I managed to come up with…

Amanda Lamb (food-critic) did die of poisoning with e-coli. Raj (cook) will cram down to prep tranq for his next “Tofu Kiev”: stew ox, two-eighty hertz.

I’m certain there are writers out there who can do better.
Will x


2 thoughts on “Writers Wanted…

  1. “Zebra Club frantic!” whispered Camille, half dragging French / Iraqi, Taj, back level. “Cam, an oreo bap!” Tariq Jabber screams, idiot parvenu chav. “Stow Jeux! Stay Taisez!”

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    1. Excellent work Colleen! Please do keep reading. Will


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