William Simeon Aston AKA “Simian” is a writer of short stories, novels, scripts and blogs.

“Simian Tales” came about because William was made homeless.  He’d been travelling the world to meet the people to write about and to gather the stories to write.  He recently returned to his native Scotland where he’s been without a roof or sofa-surfing yet still writing – because with writing he is at home…

Simian’s Tales will often be open-ended and randomly picked up in time when the author sees fit, almost like a soap opera.  Through various characters, the stories are intended to report Simian’s many adventures but also to explore his feelings about the world and himself – hopefully these explorations both long and short will be funny, engaging, informative, moving and above all entertaining.  And hopefully some of them will raise awareness of issues such as homelessness and mental health, because the issues of homelessness and mental health are close to his heart.

So if you’ve laughed, felt engaged, informed, moved or above all entertained, your small contribution would be hugely appreciated.  Writers need to eat to keep writing.

Thank you for travelling with Simian,

William x




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  1. Thanks for following my blog; you are very kind.


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