My site, like my life, is undergoing reconstruction; reviews will be added soon.  Thanks for your patience.

Bill x


Of “In Light of the Greek Fire”

Inspiring how you took a current event and off that wrote a story. Great job! #PrayForGreece – Dorothy Rudean,

Of “Les Peres pour la Justice”

Ah….we truly feel your pain.. – lovesdeepwaters

Of “L’amour et Espoir au Pays des Mille Colline”

J’aime beaucoup votre blog. Un plaisir de venir flâner sur vos pages. Une belle découverte et blog très intéressant.

Of “Bedfellows”

What a beautiful story.  Thank you. – Colleen Penn

Of “Brief Encounter”

Wow!  Really well written – Revolutionarymusings

Of “How to get more “Likes””

…imagination is an amazing thing.  I “liked” it! – Natalie, Chimera-ish




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